Expert Clinical Services at Mary Telfair Women’s Hospital

At Mary Telfair Women's Hospital, we offer expert clinical care for women of all ages, including the following specialized services:

You will find Mary Telfair's vision of women's healthcare throughout St. Joseph's/Candler 

Mary Telfair was a woman from another era, yet she would perfectly fit today’s description of a modern woman. Born in 1791, she was independent, well-traveled and filled with dreams. One of her most significant visions was to establish a special place where women could receive respect, understanding and compassionate care for their health needs.Telfair Hospital for Females

In 1875, only a few days before her death, Mary placed a provision in her will that allowed for the erection of such a hospital in the city of Savannah. The Telfair Hospital for Females opened in 1886.

In 1960, The Telfair Hospital for Females joined with Candler General Hospital to become its official obstetrical unit. In 1997, Candler General Hospital signed a joint operating agreement with St. Joseph’s Hospital. Today, St. Joseph’s/Candler continues to the vision of Mary Telfair with the Mary Telfair Women’s Hospital, a regional leader in the delivery of women’s healthcare services.

Learn more about Mary Telfair and the history of Mary Telfair Women’s Hospital.

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