Innovation in Imaging Technology for Advanced Care

At St. Joseph's/Candler, we are dedicated to offering the most advanced and innovative imaging technology for improved patient care. With revolutionary capabilities in imaging technology, our experts are able to use clear, real-time images to help direct surgical treatments for improved outcomes. This surgical precision helps to protect surrounding tissue and reduce recovery time due to the minimally invasive techniques.    

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O-arm Imaging System

The advanced O-arm imaging system enables skilled surgeons at St. Joseph's/Candler to more precisely navigate and then check implant placement through image technology while patients are still in the operating room. This advanced imaging capability minimizes the need for follow-up adjustment procedures. 

3-D Bi-Plane Technology

Our innovative 3-dimensional bi-plane imaging system at St. Joseph's/Candler features advanced imaging technology that creates more detailed images of soft tissue to help detect hemorrhages, visualize brain tissue and support quick and accurate decision-making for the physician. This advanced technology provides physicians real-time images directly in the interventional suite, reducing the need to move a patient out of the sterile environment for evaluation prior to proceeding with the intervention. 


This system is designed to help maximize patient comfort with a wide-bore architecture to add space around you, a table surface designed to alleviate pressure points and a coil array that enables feet-first imaging for all exams. Learn more here.


The advanced PET-CT can cut imaging time for patients and radiation exposure in half. Positron emission tomography, or PET scanning, is a simple and non-invasive diagnostic radiology procedure. The PET scan is very similar to a CT or MRI scan.

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