A Patient-Friendly MRI Experience from
St. Joseph’s/Candler

3T MRI ImagingTraditional MRI machines can sometimes be difficult on patients. St. Joseph’s/Candler is changing that. We've added the region's first Discovery MR750w 3.0 MR system by GE.

This system is designed to help maximize patient comfort with:

  • The opening is 17 percent wider than any other MRI in the industry, more like a CT
  • The machine is much quieter
  • Faster imaging time or more detailed images with a magnetic field is double that of traditional MRIs
  • A table surface is like a mattress and designed to alleviate pressure points
  • A coil array that allows feet-first imaging for all exams

In addition, this new system delivers uncompromised imaging capability for different specialties.


  • The improved resolution of 3T MRI technology reveals the structure of the brain in ways not possible on lower field strength scanners.
  • 3T MRI shows microscopic details of the brain and nervous system enabling consultants to gain a greater understanding of neuropathologies. This can contribute to earlier diagnoses and treatments which can help patient outcomes.
  • More definitive diagnosis for neurological disorders.


  • The extra power of the 3T MRI can reduce the need for invasive diagnostic procedures.
  • It is particularly beneficial when imaging smaller joints - the foot, ankle, hand and wrist.


  • Examines the size and thickness of the chambers of the heart, determines the extent of damage caused by a heart attack/progressive heart disease, detects the build-up of plaque and blockages in the blood vessels and assesses patient recovery following treatment - faster than traditional MRI.
  • Faster imaging helps sick patients and may suffer from irregular heart rates who may have difficulty holding their breath during the procedure.
  • Extremely beneficial in imaging peripheral vascular areas, such as the calf and feet areas.


  • Improved spatial and temporal resolution capabilities provide for improved detection and characterization of breast cancer.
  • Full body imaging capabilities allow for thinner slices and higher resolution which provide for better lesion characterization, especially in images of the liver.
  • Provides additional clinical information for treatment in terms of prostate cancer staging.


  • Patients with compromised kidney function can now be imaged without contrast for initial or follow-up visits, reducing the potential risk of causing injury to the renal system.

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The new MRI is only available at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

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