O-arm Spinal Imaging Technology at St. Joseph's/Candler

A new highly advanced imaging system now gives physicians a similar choice as they navigate the delicate and complex path of surgery on the spine. This revolutionary tool is known simply as the O-arm, and it is available at St. Joseph's Hospital to provide precision imaging of the patient's spine to guide the physician through delicate surgery.

O-arm Advanced Multi-Dimensional Imaging for More Precise Spinal Surgeries

In this region, the O-arm is currently only available at St. Joseph's Hospital. Dr. Ammar uses the analogy of the map and the GPS when comparing the new technology to the more common intra-operative imaging system known as fluoroscopy. 

o-arm with doctor smilingRead more about the O-arm from manufacturer Medtronic.

While the technology may be used in any procedure that involves the placement of spinal hardware, it provides distinct advantages for certain surgeries.

It provides the ability to navigate the placement of hardware in patients with complex spinal conditions.

These benefits are carried over to patients by opening up the possibility of less invasive procedures and faster recoveries, while still providing the physicians with unparalleled imaging quality.

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