Minimally-Invasive Surgery at SJ/C Performed by Experienced Surgeons

It's not hyperbole to say that minimally-invasive surgery has revolutionized health care. Patients can recover faster and are less susceptible to complications that can come with traditional open surgery. Some of these procedures allow the surgeon to have better vision and cause less damage to healthy tissue.

St. Joseph's/Candler has made a serious commitment to investing in these technologies to give our patients a better experience and to get them back to their lives faster. 

Most people are familiar with laparoscopic surgery and the many benefits it offers patients. However, SJ/C offers a wide range of other minimally-invasive procedures that complement the advantages first introduced by laparoscopy. Examples include everything from robotic surgery for complex surgeries to balloon sinuplasty surgery.

It's important to remember that not all conditions or patients are candidates for minimally invasive procedures. Talk to your doctor about what it right for you. 

How it Works

In a typical minimally-invasive procedure, a surgeon will make a few small incisions. One of these incisions is for a high-resolution camera and the others are for surgical instruments. Because of these small incisions, patients encounter less blood loss and less post-operative pain.  Some laparoscopic instruments can give doctors better vision and control to avoid damaging healthy tissue.  

Cosmetically, the small incisions leave smaller scars. 

Choose St. Joseph's/Candler for Minimally-Invasive Surgery 

Surgeons choose to practice at SJ/C because they know the commitment we've made to purchasing the latest technology. 

Patients should choose to have their surgery here because our surgeons have extensive surgical experience. Many are board certified or fellowship trained.

Some of the Minimally-Invasive Technologies Offered at SJ/C  

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