Lung and Chest Robotic Surgery Provides Minimally Invasive Benefits

Surgery in the chest cavity can be unnerving, be it for lung cancer or anything else. But when necessary it is reassuring that a minimally invasive option may be available for those who are good candidates. This procedure is especially good for high-risk patients or those who wouldn't be able to tolerate open surgery.

The Heart Hospital at St. Joseph's Hospital is the only medical center in the region doing robotic thoracic surgery.

Using small incisions, the highly trained thoracic surgeon can provide a precision treatment with less risk of blood loss, less pain and faster recovery for several thoracic procedures including but not limited to:

  • Wedge resection (removing a small portion of lung)
  • Lobe resection (removing an entire lobe of a lung)
  • Mediastinoscopy (using a scope to examine or biopsy between the lungs to diagnose disease)
  • Mediastinal mass resection (removal of a chest mass near the middle of the chest)
  • Thoracoscopy (looking inside the chest cavity to examine or biopsy disease)

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