Request for Comments on the Community Health Needs Assessment

St. Joseph’s/Candler welcomes your comments, suggestions or questions related to the Community Health Needs Assessment, including comments related to any report published in previous years.

Section 1

St. Joseph's/Candler 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment
SJ/C 2013 Implementation Plan Progress Report, FY 16

Section 2

St. Joseph's/Candler 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment
St. Joseph's/Candler 2016 Implementation Plan Progress Report, FY 16
St. Joseph's/Candler 2016 Implementation Plans, FY 17 Progress Report

Section 3

SJ/C 2019 Implementation Plan
SJ/C 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment

Section 4

SJ/C 2022 Implementation Plan
SJ/C 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment

Section 5

SJ/C Community Benefits 2023 Summary
SJ/C Community Benefits 2022 Summary

SJ/C Community Benefits 2021 Summary

SJ/C Community Benefits 2020 Summary

SJ/C Community Benefits 2019 Summary 
SJ/C Community Benefits 2018 Summary

SJ/C Community Benefits 2017 Summary
SJ/C Community Benefits 2016 Summary
SJ/C Community Benefits 2015 Summary
SJ/C Community Benefits 2014 Summary

Your feedback is important in the CHNA process. Please help us gain a better understanding about the health issues and strengths within our community. If you can take a few minutes and complete this online survey, it will help us understand the community needs, challenges and strengths to help us improve our services.

Or, please send your written correspondence through any of the following options:


St. Joseph’s/Candler’s Community Benefits

Attention: Jackie Lambert
11705 Mercy Blvd.
Savannah, Ga. 31419


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