St. Joseph’s/Candler Medical Missions Deliver Quality Healthcare around the World

St. Joseph's/Candler provides assistance to many medical missions throughout the Savannah area and around the world. Our medical missions provide more than just medical services to those who could not otherwise afford it by collecting and distributing food, clothing and other household items for use by local migrant farm workers.

We provide assistance to medical teams traveling to underdeveloped nations such as Belize, Guyana, Guatemala and Haiti. St. Joseph’s/Candler prepares the areas for treatment and surgery missions by assisting with the donation, consolidation and shipment of medical volunteers, equipment, medicine and supplies.

Faith in Practice

A partnership with Faith in Practice helped bring about a covenant with our "sister" hospital, Hermano Pedro in Antiqua, Guatemala, which is also the site of an annual mission trip each winter.

Get Involved with Medical Missions

For more information about the Medical Missions at St. Joseph/Candler, or to get involved with this program, call 912-819-2626.

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