The Heart Hospital at St.Joseph's Hospital

This is the simple banner

To make the banner above, drag over a [Card] item to the full-width location on the page.

Click "Edit" and enter the Title, Image and ???? for the banner.
At the bottom open "More Options" and select the banner design from the template options.
If no image is selected the default background will load in.

First: Card. Banner with Title
Second: Card. Green Banner
Third: Card. Simple (Use this if you only want an image banner)


This is the SidebarButton item, found under SitebarButton.
Drag this onto your page (generally into a smaller page area).
Click "Edit" and in the Content tab choose Select "sidebarbuttons", and pick "ContentPageButtons"

(This item has already been made under Content)

The above item is "Homepage Events", found under "Homepage Events"
It will show the next 3 upcoming events
Below is "News" with the template "News Homepage"
Without selecting specific items it will show the most recent, while favoring any marked "".
You can select specific items to show by checking "Selected" items in the Content tab.

News at St. Joseph's/Candler

Add the item, select the "Service Card" template in the "List Settings" tab and in the Content tab, select the individual services you want shown. By default it will show all Service items, so selecting only a few or filtering is advised.

Dr. Tyler DeBlieux

Dr. Tyler DeBlieux offers medical management and surgical options to treat Ear, Nose & Throat disorders.

Learn More

This is the CTA item, there are many options. All in the last tab "Single Item Settings", there are no options in list so only 1 CTA should be selected.

CTA Diagonal
CTA Diagonal Image
CTA Left Image
CTA Locations
CTA Mini
CTA Thin
CTA Thin Icon Mini


Below is a Form. Forms are pulled in from a script tied to To add a form to a page:

  1. Log in to and Go to the Manage Forms page of the Form Builder eTool.
  2. Find the form you wish to add in the list of forms. Once you have found the form click on the "Scripts" button in the forms list page.
  3. Copy all of the content except the instructions, starting with "<script" and ending with "/div>"
  4. Add an Embed Code widget to the page. Click on the "Embed Code" icon in the widget, or "Edit" at the top right", to open the Embed Code editor, then paste the copied script into the embed code. Click "Save".
  5. You will now see the copied script in the page.
  6. When you Publish the page, the script will be renderedscript will run, which loads the selected form into the page at the location where placed the Embed Code widget.

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