Terria Manning, CNRN/RC
Resource Coordinator, 7South St. Joseph’s Hospital

Education: Bachelors of Nursing from Armstrong State University

SJ/C: Why did you decide to become a nurse?

Terria Manning

I decided to become a nurse because I am a natural nurturer, and I like making sure that everyone is taken care of. I feel like the closest and best service that I can give to God is to care for his sick. I was super excited to come to work at a faith-based hospital.

SJ/C: Did being faith-based play a large part in why you chose to become a nurse at St. Joseph’s/Candler?

Being a faith-based organization had a lot to do with it. Honestly, it was the only place I wanted to work because it feels so warm to your heart and cozy. It feels like God is here. And, absolutely, the Magnet status.

SJ/C: What do you love about being a nurse here?

I love the support I get from leadership to grow and learn things. I love being with my co-workers. My floor, we are like a little family. The camaraderie is great here. I absolutely love the people on my floor. It’s the only unit I’ve been in for 11 years. We have longevity here. My ‘baby’ nurse has five years here. That family feeling ties us together and helps us through tough times.

SJ/C: As resource coordinator, what are some of your responsibilities?

It’s twofold. One, I have to make sure all the patients are being well taken care of it. I also believe in taking care of my staff, and I feel like if I make sure they are OK, they will make sure the patients are OK. 

SJ/C: What does it mean to you to be a Magnet nurse? 

I think the biggest thing is the shared governance part of it. I like having the autonomy of being able to practice and participate in some of the decision making for our practice. What separates a Magnet facility apart from the rest is the shared governance and the fact that you get to have a say so at the unit level.

SJ/C: What advice would you give to new nurses or those considering a career in nursing?

I would say it definitely will have its challenges but the great outcomes outweigh those challenges and to remain on your course and ride the waves as they come. The main point is that the good outcomes and feeling good about helping others and seeing a difference being made in someone’s life is worth the ups and downs.  Also, find a mentor. Having a mentor or nurse buddy to confide in or go to as you need.


Achievements: Nationally certified in neuro science nursing; member of Shared Governance Committee and Peer Review Committee; and chair of the RC council.
Family: One son
Hobbies/Interest: I love Pinterest and my iPad and reading magazines 

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