Dawn Williams, RN, OCN, Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion

"Having started my nursing career in oncology at the bedside, working at hospice and being an infusion nurse, this job as a navigator is a way to use all of my experience to help others. Also, when you deal with patients fighting for their lives on a daily basis, you realize what a blessing life is. It makes you less likely to take life, health and loved ones for granted."

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Karen Iacino, RN, BSN, Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion

"Being a breast cancer survivor myself, I always thought that I would like to work with survivors if there was an opportunity. So, when someone approached me about this job, I was really interested. There are some amazing women out there that put up with some really difficult times. I enjoy working closely with the patients." 

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Holly Mills, RN, Home Health Care

"I’m from Savannah. I’ve lived here most of my life. St. Joseph’s/Candler feels like home. I was born at Candler Hospital. It’s home and familiar for me. The health system has a great relationship with its co-workers and this really lifts everyone up. I really appreciate that."

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Joy Sapp, RN, CAPA, Telfair Breast Surgery

"In all my years that I’ve worked at St. Joseph’s/Candler, I’ve always had great people to work with; always have had people you can rely on and learn from. We have a great crew here.  The doctors, nurse practitioners, navigators, nurses and office staff truly care about our patients, and it shows."

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Dwan Driskill, RN, St. Joseph's/Candler

"I came here as a tech. I was in my second year of nursing school and worked as a student nurse in the float pool. I came back years later, and it was the best choice I ever made. Actually, I don’t think I made that choice. I think the Lord brought me here. One of the greatest things about St. Joseph’s/Candler is it is a Christian organization. I love the fact that we get to share that love."

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Justin Alonso, BSN, RN, St. Joseph's Hospital

"(I love) being able to make patients feel at home and make them smile. Occasionally I will sing or dance with them – anything I can do to liven their spirits. I encourage them to work hard, especially the ones that don’t want to be here, so that we can get them back home. I enjoy watching the progression patients make. It’s about building that trust, building a relationship with your patient, and again, smiling."

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Matt Nelson, BSN, RN, St. Joseph's Hospital

"The amazing thing about the emergency department is you have the opportunity to make a connection with the patient during one of their worst moments, so you truly get to make an impact on their life, on their day, and most importantly, on their health. ER nurses advocate for their patients and ensure they are heard while they are receiving care; that’s why I was drawn to emergency department nursing."

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Catherine Otero, RN, MSN, Ed, CV-BC, Candler Hospital

"My true love is education. I feel like I can instill some of that love of the patient, of the nurse into the students that I touch every day. Whatever courses I teach, I always tell them: ‘Remember, your patient is a person. They’ve experienced something life-changing, and they have a story. If you get to know their story, you might be amazed at what you’d find out about that patient.’"

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Shandresa Moore, BSN, RN, St. Joseph's Hospital

"Nursing is very rewarding. I can’t think of another career that I would like that is going to give me the same feeling that I get when I come to work every day and take care of patients. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do."

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Tracy Storey, BSN, RNC, CCBE, The Mary Telfair Women's Hospital

Tracy Storey, Labor and Delivery Nurse

"I love delivering babies. I love being there at really amazing times in a family’s life. Welcoming a baby into the world is an amazing thing; it’s a really pivotal moment in somebody’s whole life – becoming a parent – and to be there to share that with people every day, is an amazing privilege. I still cry 30 years later."

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Theresa Wilkins, BSN, RN, Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion

Theresa Wilkins, LCRP nurse navigator

"There’s an atmosphere when you come into this place that’s almost tangible; you can feel that people care. The teamwork from (President & CEO) Paul Hinchey to the people that meet you at the front door all the way back to the physicians. Everybody is great. The Magnet status is important too. It shows quality; it shows compassion. Our faith-based mission means a lot to me also."

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Alex Turner, BSN, RN, St. Joseph's Hospital

Alex Turner, St. Joseph's Hospital PCU nurse

"A lot of the patients we care for remind me of my grandma. It’s fun to interact with all of them. Each one of them has their own lives they’ve lived, and when you take care of them for three or four days, you learn a lot about them. It’s also nice to see you are making a difference in someone’s life."

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Diane Kenny, BSN, RN, CPAN, SJ/C - Pooler Campus

Diane Kenny

"I think St. Joseph’s/Candler is an absolutely phenomenal system and a great place to work. I have been very fortunate in my nursing career. Every place I’ve worked in this system, I’ve had wonderful coworkers. When you have a situation where you work well with your team and work together to achieve a common goal, it really is a blessing. "

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Ashley Kyle, BSN, RN, St. Joseph's Hospital

"I definitely think COVID changed nursing a lot, especially in the aspect where the family members aren’t able to come in and see the COVID patients. You’re their nurse; you’re their family member; you’re the person holding their hand and reassuring them. It’s a lot more than just the medical aspect of the job."

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Julie Shomo, BSN, RN, OCN, CRNI, Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion in Bluffton and Hilton Head

"Because I’m also a breast cancer survivor, I found that oncology was a perfect fit for me, and I’ve loved every bit of it. I feel like I have empathy for patients and am able to understand a bit more of what our patients are going through. Cancer gave me a new perspective on how to care for patients."

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Kim Williams, BSN, RN, RC, St. Joseph's/Candler

Kim Williams

"This role is a great nursing specialty where you also feel like you are making a very positive impact in patient outcomes and satisfaction. I still feel like, even though I can’t be there to put hands on people, this is a really good way I can still be there to help. That is what keeps me going when I miss that patient contact."

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Eileen Gardner, RN, BSN, St. Joseph's/Candler Home Health Care

“I love home health. Sometimes it’s hard to say, ‘It’s my last visit because you’re healed.’ I love meeting people and going into the home is fun. Most people have been open and welcoming, and they want you to be there and take care of them.”

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Whitney Robinson, RN, St. Joseph's Hospital

“Even though you’ve been running around like a crazy person, you can take a moment to be like, ‘My patient in Room 16 was in respiratory distress, but now they are breathing fine.’ Yes, it’s overwhelming, but at the same time, I’m empowered as this ER nurse to go in and do these things; somebody trusts me to show up every day and help save someone’s life.”

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David Laumeyer, RN, Candler Hospital

“Being part of a Magnet facility is such an advantage that I think a lot of nurses who haven’t been elsewhere don’t realize until they leave. For us working on our fifth designation now, that’s very impressive. When I go out, I want to be a direct reflection of what our values are as a hospital.”

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Lindsey Townsend, BSN, RN-BC, Candler Hospital

“I love several things about being a nurse here at St. Joseph’s/Candler. First, I love that it is a faith-based hospital, and I can express my faith and that’s absolutely acceptable and even encouraged. I think that is a huge way that we can help make our patients stay better. Also, I love that it is a Magnet facility. That is what drew me in the first place coming here.”

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Lisa Loadholt, BSN, RN, The Mary Telfair Women's Hospital

“Each delivery is just as special as the first time I actually attended a delivery, even after all these years. It’s very gratifying to help a family bring a new little one into the world and adjusting to a new family dynamic. There’s nothing like it. I can’t see myself doing anything else than what I am doing now.”

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Terria Manning, CNRN/RC, St. Joseph's Hospital

“I decided to become a nurse because I am a natural nurturer, and I like making sure that everyone is taken care of. I feel like the closest and best service that I can give to God is to care for his sick. I was super excited to come to work at a faith-based hospital.”

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Dana Coleman, BSN, RN, OCN, Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion

“When I came to Savannah, I knew I wanted to be a part of the St. Joseph’s/Candler system. I have a sense of system loyalty and am committed to the mission, vision and values that make up the SJ/C health system. We are faith based, and that means a lot to me when we are taking care of patients. It’s not just the bottom line we look at. We really want to promote and treat all patients.”

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Martha Weston, BSN, RN, ONC, St. Joseph’s Hospital

“What I also love about being a nurse at St. Joseph’s/Candler is that you have the innovation so that you don’t have to stay in one area. They promote education, and there’s always learning opportunities. You are able to make a five-year plan, and they make sure you can master that plan. I think that’s a good part about a Magnet facility as well.”

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Wendy Walker, BSN, RN, CWOCN, CFCN, St. Joseph’s Hospital

“Ostomy patients are special. Some people come in to the hospital never dreaming they would leave with an ostomy. An ostomy can be a life saver – in more ways than one. It can literally save a person with a blockage or trauma to the bowel, but sometimes for patients with chronic bowel conditions, an ostomy is their way back to living a normal life.”

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Marta Cuevas, BSN, RN, St. Joseph’s/Candler

“Being a Magnet nurse means we work in a facility where we give excellent nursing care. Nurses are able to participate in every aspect of the hospital. There’s a nurse on every committee, and nursing and leadership work side-by-side. We definitely have a voice here.”

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