Spotlight on Whitney Robinson, emergency department nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital 

Whitney Robinson, BSN, RN
St. Joseph’s Hospital ED staff nurse

Education: Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Armstrong State University (now Georgia Southern)

SJ/C: Why did you want to become a nurse?

Whitney Robinson

Whitney: My first semester in college, I was majoring in biology, but I didn’t know if I wanted to do that or not. I took one of those career tests and nursing was an option, and I thought, ‘That is interesting’, so I decided to pursue it. I remember helping take care of my grandfather when he was sick, and I knew I liked helping people.

SJ/C: What are some things you love about being a nurse?

Whitney: I love the people. There’s also the fact that I am here and helping someone. Even if they come in miserable, at the end of it, I’ve done something to make them feel better or said something to make them feel a little happier.

SJ/C: Why did you choose to become a nurse at St. Joseph’s/Candler?

Whitney: The people really had an impact on me. Also, I started here during that transition period (when the St. Joseph’s Hospital ED was being remodeled) and being here before and being here after is such a huge difference. As a new grad, it was great to be in a new facility with a new process. Even though it can be overwhelming at times, we have so much help. It really is a lot of teamwork. You trust the people you work with and get to know them. Even if you have a bad night, you know you have these co-workers that will always help you out. I’m happy. I am fulfilled. It’s really a great place to work.

SJ/C: What are some of the challenges you face as a nurse in the emergency department?

Whitney: People don’t want to be here. They are unhappy and not feeling well. Family members are stressed. You are the person there facilitating this process on this awful day for them. Sometimes, emotions run high and tensions run high. You can be crazy busy and feel like you are never going to get caught up. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and I think that’s the hard part, especially as a new grad transitioning into that.

SJ/C: What are some things you most enjoy about working in the emergency department?

Whitney: I think a lot of the same things. I like the high energy and never knowing what is going to come in the door. Even though you’ve been running around like a crazy person, you can take a moment to be like, ‘My patient in Room 16 was in respiratory distress, but now they are breathing fine.’ There are good and bad things. Yes, it’s overwhelming, but at the same time, I’m empowered as this ER nurse to go in and do these things; somebody trusts me to show up every day and help save someone’s life. That’s really amazing.

SJ/C: What advice would you offer to new grads or someone considering a career in nursing?

Whitney: You should absolutely go for it. It literally is one of the most rewarding careers, especially immediately. Your first day you can see you helped somebody, even if it’s just one patient. It’s amazing; it’s rewarding; you’re autonomous a lot of the times, even though you are dependent on the doctor, but it really makes you grow into the profession.


Family: Mom (who’s also her bestie)
Hobbies/Interests: Traveling and hanging with friends

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