Are You Genetically At Risk For Cancer?

Genetic counseling services are offered to individuals and families who may be at increased risk of cancer or who are suspicious of a potential hereditary cancer condition. Although most cancers occur by chance in some individuals, for others, cancer develops as the result of a genetic predisposition that runs in the family.

Our genetic counseling services help to promote awareness and provide education for these individuals. In addition, individuals and families at increased risk for cancer may also benefit from increased cancer screening which may help detect cancer earlier and risk reducing strategies which may aid in cancer prevention.

Genetic Counseling is most helpful to individuals who have:

  • A personal or family history of cancer diagnosed at a young age
  • More than one family member diagnosed with the same type of cancer
  • More than one diagnosis of cancer (i.e. breast and ovarian cancer or breast cancer in both breasts)
  • A family history of a known hereditary cancer condition or known genetic predisposition

What will happen during my appointment?

As a part of your genetic counseling appointment, we will:

  • Discuss your medical and family history 
  • Assess your individual cancer risk 
  • Provide education regarding the genetic contribution to cancer
  • Discuss appropriate hereditary cancer conditions 
  • Make personalized cancer screening/management recommendations
  • Discuss the risks, benefits, and limitations of genetic testing
  • Offer genetic testing, if appropriate
  • Collect a blood or saliva sample for genetic testing, if indicated

What are the benefits of genetic counseling and genetic testing?

Genetic counseling may be helpful in the following ways:

  • Increased understanding of cancer risk and genetic contribution
  • Personalized cancer risk assessment and management
  • Informed decision making

Advantages of genetic testing include:

  • Providing an explanation for your history of cancer
  • Assisting in medical management decisions
  • Providing information for at-risk family members

Who is genetic counseling intended for?

If you are concerned about your family history of cancer, you are encouraged to talk with your physician about whether genetic counseling is right for you. You may also contact our office at 912-819-8679 for a referral or scheduling.

Our Genetic Counselors:

Jacob South

Mugdha Devalkar

Nancy N. and J.C.
Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion
225 Candler Dr.,
Savannah, GA 31405

St. Joseph's Hospital Campus 
11705 Mercy Blvd.,
Savannah, GA 31419

Candler Hospital Campus 
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