Movement Disorders Program at St. Joseph's/Candler is First in the Region

St. Joseph's/Candler provides the highest quality care available in the region, striving to be the first program of its kind offering a caring, convenient and comprehensive approach to diagnosis, treatment and support services for patients with neurological disorders with associated abnormal movement. In 2011, the Movement Disorders Program became a designated Care Center by the National Parkinson’s Foundation.

Brain Specialists Help Patients Eliminate Involuntary Movements

The Movement Disorders Program is the area leader in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's diseasemultiple sclerosis, Essential Tremor and other movement disorders. It is the only program in the region with deep brain stimulation surgery specialists and technology to help eliminate or control involuntary movements that occur in neurological patients. In addition, it is the only program in the region with integrated teams of certified balance physical therapists, certified occupational therapists and speech therapists who work together to treat and manage movement disorders.

Goals of the Movement Disorders Program

St. Joseph's/Candler had the will and expertise to build a truly comprehensive and integrated program to serve patients suffering with movement disorders. Our goals are to provide compassionate, comprehensive, quality care for patients with movement disorders. We want to develop a program that will improve access to information, services and treatment as well as serve as advocates for persons with movement disorders.

Connect with the Movement Disorders Program 

For more information on the Movement Disorders Program, please contact Fran McCarey, Outreach Coordinator for the Movement Disorders Program, at (912) 819-2224 or via e-mail


The Movement Disorders Program is a national Parkinson Fondation Care Center

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